Marketing Support

image Marketing Efforts

Providing the best equipment, technology and service to you is only part of what we do because ultimately it’s all about your customers. WWG creates, implements and oversees a customized marketing plan for your facility. WWG designs promotional materials designed to reach your target audience and bring in business.

• Branding
• Logos
• Websites
• Marketing Postcards
• Promotional Vouchers
• Marketing Flyers
• Marketing Posters
• Ads
• Signs & Banners
• Weekly Promotions
• Targeted Mailing Lists


Player’s Club Program

The Player’s Club Program is an important component in your marketing structure. The Player’s Club Program is built and expanded through website registration, social media and targeted mailings and promotions. WWG maintains and markets to your growing Player’s Club list.


Targeted Mailings

The success of any direct response marketing hinges on the quality of the mailing list. We provide proven lists of potential customers in your area based on previous gaming behaviors. Our direct mail is designed to capture the attention of your target audience and motivate them to frequent your establishment.